Neighborhood Spirit
This new commission is about being “missional.”  This is a term used to describe a Christian’s relationship with the Holy Spirit and his or her neighbors.  It is often described as “finding out what God is up to in your neighborhood.”  It is all about developing relationships through

listening to your neighbors and the Holy Spirit.

The church can be “missional.”  Many churches in Canada, the UK and the US have already become “missional churches.”  Our Presbytery has encouraged all of its churches to experiment with “missional” concepts.  Your new commission will be presenting activities for all of us to follow the Holy Spirit to meaningful relationships with neighbors.  Watch for these collaborative events.

Individuals can be “missional.”  Each month your new commission will make a challenge to all.  These challenges are designed to help you follow the Holy Spirit into your neighborhood.  It is not about evangelism.  It is about connecting and listening. 

 March Challenge:  Reach Out and Connect 

As faithful disciples of Jesus Christ we reach up to God, reach into his word

and reach out to love and serve.
         (FPC Mission Statement, adopted 5/20/14)           

Every day there are many ways we make personal connections. These connections are opportunities for us to show God’s love to others. Opportunities to follow Jesus’s command; to treat our neighbors with the respect and care we wish for ourselves. These are chances to model our beliefs. The Holy Spirit dwells within you. The Spirit can help you make more out of these daily connections.
Have you said to yourself or others, “I need to give him a call, it has been so long since I spoke to him?” Or, “I have been meaning to write her a note. I wonder how she is doing?”
Perhaps you have been meaning to go to a new neighbor’s house and introduce yourself. Or, cross the sanctuary and introduce yourself to someone you don’t know. Or, tell a person serving you what a good job they do.
Our March challenge is for us to reach out to make some planned connections with the Holy Spirit’s help. Here is how to meet the challenge!
Each week in March make at least one planned connection. Take time to plan your connection. Start by praying for the Holy Spirit to join you as you make your plans and connect. Then, reach out with the Spirit’s help. After each connection, record it on a piece of paper. Bring the paper to church on Sunday, April 2. (Or, as soon as possible after April 2.) Our Commission will collect them. Let’s see how many special connections we can make this month!
Questions or comments:
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