Scholarship History at First Presbyterian Church

In the years past, First Presbyterian church has given many scholarship to those entering and/or attending college. These funds came from memorial donations from families and friends as well as Presbyterian Women.

In 1990 when the church established the endowment fund. They designated 30% of the interest to scholarships and a consistent scholarship program was begun. Now, in addition to the endowment allocations, memorial donations, donations from Presbyterian women and the Mother’s Day Offering are combined to grant the scholarships. A new Memorial Scholarship Fund was started in 2003 with the combination of several memorials designated for scholarships. Memorial funds (as received) will continue to be added so that in the future, there will be enough interest generated to grant a scholarship.

Back in 2001, Chris Paulson began the Leslie Paulson Memorial Scholarship in memory of his late wife. Leslie was active as an elder in our church as well as a strong supporter of the youth programs and education in general.

To all Scholarship Applicants
The due date for applications for the 2019-2020 school year is May 1, 2019.  Applications and supporting documentation must be received in the church office by this date to be considered.

In recent years, our scholarship funds have been enough to award scholarships to most all applicants. In the future, it is probable that will not be the case. All applicants should pay particular attention to the qualifications for each type of scholarship and clearly document how they meet those qualification criteria.

Note also that the scholarship committee will determine the number and amount of First Presbyterian Church scholarships. The amount of the Paulson Memorial scholarships will be $1,000 minimum but the number awarded will depend on the funds available and the qualifications and needs of the applicants. Awarding of Paulson Memorial scholarships to the same individual for more than 2 consecutive years should not be expected.

Scholarship checks will be made payable to the school.  Please provide the scholarship committee the name of your school, your student identification or account number, and the address to which the check should be sent.

The scholarship committee clearly expects all award recipients to personally attend worship on Graduate Recognition Sunday or to be represented by a family member if attendance is not possible.

 2019 FPC General Scholarship Application

2019 Leslie Paulson Application