Volunteer Opportunities

Emergency Food Network     https://efoodnet.org/
The Emergency Food Network is a support program for local food banks, pantries, school meal sites, and delivery services in Pierce County. Our church has supported this ministry for years. The Hunger Walk we take part in each year is for Emergency Food Network. There are many ways you can volunteer for EFN.   Check out these two opportunities:
Volunteering at the Repack Project
Volunteers at Emergency Food Network’s Repack Project prepare bulk foods for distribution by repackaging the foods into smaller, family-sized portions. Bulk foods include rice, beans, oats, frozen corn and peas, oranges, and apples. Once repackaged the food is ready to go out to the 70+ Pierce County food pantries, meal sites, and shelters that we serve. https://efoodnet.org/get-involved/repack/
Habitat for Humanity Store     https://www.tpc-habitat.org/
Habitat for Humanity is a volunteer-driven organization we have been supporting. Currently general volunteer opportunities on the construction site are unavailable. However, volunteers are welcome and needed to serve in the Habitat Stores. Returning, registered volunteers can email volunteer@tpc-habitat.org for more information. New Store Volunteers are required to attend a virtual New Volunteer Orientation to get started.
Puyallup Food Bank    https://pfb.org/volunteer/
The Puyallup Food Bank is in need of volunteers.